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Elasto-Reins® - Elastic Reins for Horses

To excel in the sport of Dressage it is vital that horse and rider work in harmony with an elastic connection through the reins, so having high quality elastic dressage reins can be critical to this process. Our Elasto-Reins® which come in a variety of styles will help you and your horse communicate better and work in harmony. All Elasto-Reins® contain an inch of elastic that is backed by a leather loop. This helps the rider create that perfect elastic connection with the horse’s mouth. The leather backing limits the stretch of the elastic to assist in the feel of correct contact between horse and rider. 

All trainers and riders know that without an elastic connection with the horse’s mouth no rider can do dressage well. If the rider cannot have the horse accept the bit and be able to place the neck long and low when needed, or up and through when wanted, then they can never get the horse to swing through the back. You must be able to achieve this before you can ask the horse to be active, sit and carry more weight on the hind end. You will not be able to move up the levels until you have a consistent elastic connection through the reins. Of course a good seat, knowledge about training and independence of the aids along with an experienced horse are required to achieve this. However not all riders have access to an experienced well trained horse. Others are still working to achieve a deep seat and independence of the aids.

Elasto-Rein® bridges the gap of errors the rider might make by helping the contact to stay elastic. For young horses it helps them learn to trust contact as they don’t feel so trapped when asked to accept it. Think sidereins. Very few people lunge their horse in sidereins without some form of elastic or give. Our Elasto-Reins® have a feel slightly more allowing than sidereins with the ‘doughnut’ but much less than sidereins that contain lots of elastic.

Designed by trainer Kim Keppick, Elasto-Reins® were established in the year 2000 and have since been endorsed by Olympic Medalists Hilda Gurney, David O’Connor, Karen O’Connor and James Wofford.

Our Elasto-Reins® are legal for competition in the United States under USDF rules and are also allowed in the sports of Eventing and Jumpers.

Rein-Aid® Inserts - Elastic Insert for your Current Bridle

In addition to Elasto-Reins® we offer Rein-Aid® Inserts which is our original patented product and is a less expensive option for correct elastic contact. Rein-Aid® Inserts also contain the elastic backed by leather. They are 7.5” long and simply buckle between the bit and your existing reins. Other excellent products we offer are Soft-Lunge and Rein-Aid breastplate drawreins. Both feature the same elastic backed by leather for softer feel and connection. Soft-Lunge gives you the option of buckling it to the bit for direct feel between horse and handler instead of using the enclosed brass snap. 
All our products are of the highest quality and proudly made in U.S.A. 

We have an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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